Floyd Mayweather Confirms It — Deal For McGregor Fight Nearly Done

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest star may soon be stepping into the boxing ring sooner than fight fans would think. McGregor has made his way to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Floyd Mayweather’s team and UFC officials to discuss the possibilities of a super-fight with Mayweather taking place.

Stephen A. Smith, a close friend of Mayweather’s, is now reporting on ESPN First Take that Floyd says the fight is very close to getting finalized. “We’re getting close,” Mayweather told him. “Very, very close.”

While most super fights tend to crumble in the earliest stages of negotiations, both McGregor and Mayweather seem adamant on making this fight take place. The bout would no doubt shatter any and all pay-per-view numbers as it would essentially be mixed martial arts vs. boxing; How do you think this one will play out?