Lennox Lewis vs. Brock Lesnar Brought To WWE For Real Fight

Brock Lesnar has become a multi-platform athlete. After a dominant career in the NCAA wrestling world, Lesnar went on to perform in the WWE.

After a long stint with the promotion, Lesnar decided to try his hand at MMA. He would go on to win the heavyweight championship.

With all of this talk about cross-promotional bouts, it can be hard to remember who the originators were; or almost were.

Boxing phenom Lennox Lewis and WWE star Brock Lesnar were nearly scheduled to fight in Las Vegas back in the day.

As reported by MMA Fighting, Lennox Lewis’s camp was in conversations with Vince McMahon about 15 years ago. The boxing phenom wanted to fight a WWE star.

At the time, Brock Lesnar was that star, not yet introduce to the MMA world.

The fight was nearly scheduled, but Lewis allegedly wanted to ban takedowns below the waste and other specificity that gave Vince McMahon cold feet.

In the end, it is only the fight that almost was. Still, it would have been an interesting alternate debut for Lesnar’s fighting career.