MMA Fighter Finishes Opponent By Dropping His Butt On His Face — Replay!

From time to time MMA offers something fresh and exciting, something different. Other times, it offers things that are just insane. This is probably one of those times.

Enfusion 47 went down last weekend with Mohamed Khamal defeating Jomthong Chuwattana via decision.

While Khamal and Chuwattana put on a good show, there was no fight finisher quite as odd as that between Luis Tavares and  Jegish Yegoian.

In the third round, Tavares managed to trip his opponent to the ground, only to lose his footing shortly after. Unfortunate for Yegoian, Tavares’s opponent was there to break his fall.

Watch as Tavares defeats Yegoian via TKO by butt slam.