TMZ Offering Team Alpha Male $50,000 For The Tape Of Cody Knocking TJ Out

UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt will be stepping into the octagon with TJ Dillashaw for his first championship defense, but it won’t be the first time the two have thrown down full contact.

Garbrandt and Dillashaw may be rivals, but they used to be teammates fighting for the same cause on Team Alpha Male. After it was revealed Dillashaw would be leaving TAM in favor of Elevation Fight Team in Denver, Colorado with Duane “Bang” Ludwig, their rivalry got off to a hot start. After nearly a year of trash-talk later, the two are set to coach opposite of each other on the set of “The Ultimate Fighter”. There has been talk of a tape floating around that saw Garbrandt send Dillashaw down to the mat with a knockout blow that Dillashaw dares Team Alpha Male to release, and it seems that TJ isn’t the only one that wants to get his hands on it.

“The video tape of Cody [Garbrandt] knocking out TJ Dillashaw — TMZ is trying to buy it from me for fifty grand,” Team Alpha Male Head Coach Justin Buchholz revealed on Tuesday’s edition of “Stud Radio”.

“Right now I’m going to sit back and lick my chops. … Cody’s been saying he has the tape publicly. And TJ’s been responding that it doesn’t exist. So everyday people are tweeting me, ‘You don’t have [expletive]. Blah, blah, blah.'”

Buchholz not only has the tape but his co-host sir Stud Boy confirmed that the tape does in fact exist. Buchholz went on to explain how the video of the brutal knockout blow came to be in the first place:

“I have the tape. I have the famed knockout tape. Now, I don’t want to release this because this was a day, on my Go-Pro where I was filming for myself sparring. And by chance, I got a knockout that day too and posted it on my SnapChat. I landed a headkick… Bad situation. But it was the same. I captured a few rounds of Cody vs. TJ and this is when Cody was 1-0. TJ was about to fight Mike Easton which could be one of his best performances of his career. So that was about as good of a TJ Dillashaw as you could get and Cody was just a baby in this sport. and I posted on SnapChat Cody getting his back, and getting a big lift in return.”

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