Watch Ronda Rousey Mock And Clown Her Haters

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey cultivated some big hits on YouTube back in 2012, just before her bout with Sarah Kaufman.

In promotion of their Strikeforce match-up, Kaufman decided to create a contest. Whoever could create the greatest Ronda Rousey impression, record and post it, would receive free tickets to the event.

In response, Rousey created the hilarity above. Watch as Ronda “Roozie” gives her best impression of, well, herself.

Rousey is currently pursuing an acting career. Her most recent achievement was a role in the hit television show Blindspot. Rousey recently admitted that she greatly enjoyed the experience and hopes she can return.

UFC President Dana White previously admitted that he believes Rousey will likely not return to the UFC. Perhaps Rousey will now fully pursue a career in acting, only time will tell.