50 Year Old Man Demolishes Young Stud In Underground Scrap

When Randy Couture stepped into the octagon at “UFC 118” to square off with heavyweight boxing legend James Toney, “The Natural” was already forty-six years old. Fans knew that the mixed martial artist would likely prevail, but questioned whether or not age would become a factor early on, allowing Toney to capitalize for an upset.

That was not the case, however, as Couture took Toney down right away and submitted him with ease. Couture also threw down with the likes of Lyoto Machida, Brandon Vera, and Brock Lesnar at his age. The lesson? Never judge a book by bits cover, and never underestimate a fighter because of his age.

As this fifty-year-old stepped into the ring for an underground fight for BX Fight Club, the fans surrounding the ring and even his opponent underestimated him. By the time the fight began, however, it became evident he knew what he was doing.

Within two minutes, the elder fighter had his opponent on his back staring up at the lights, wondering what went wrong so quickly. It wasn’t long before he ate another combination, this time putting the younger fighter on his stomach! Watch it all play out below:

Do you think this older man should have found his way into combat sports in his youth?