Bellator Champ Takes Trash-Talk Too Far? Issues Death Threat To Fellow Fighter

Bellator CEO, Scott Coker.

As mixed martial arts continues to grow into a mainstream sport, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator are both learning where the line is when it comes to trash talk. If you cross a line that borders near the professional wrestling area, you might be viewed as too fake and hoakie. If you border near an ultra-violent line promising death, you could be mistaken for being barbaric.

Make no mistake about it; Patricio “Pitbull” Freire is hoping to get barbaric inside the cage when he collides with Michael Chandler. Despite having a fight with the reigning Bellator Featherweight Champion Daniel Straus, “Pitbull” has his sights set on an eventual collision with lightweight champion Chandler.

“I don’t want Michael Chandler’s belt. I want his head. I don’t want that piece of metal, I want to rip his head off. I want to kill him. That’s the word. For real. I want to beat him up so bad that I want him to have ill aftereffects,” he told MMA Fighting.

He continued, “He does some unnecessary things. He thinks he’s better than everyone, and he’s not. Someone has to stop him, and I’m the one to stop him. He’s stupid, a jerk. Nobody likes him. He can’t stay in one gym, nobody likes him. Not even the promotion likes him, and he knows that. I’ll beat him up. I don’t care if he has the belt or not, I want his head. I want to hurt him.”

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