Dana White Provides Positive Update On “MayGregor” Negotiations In New Video

For over a year, UFC President Dana White has been vocal about shutting down any chance of Conor McGregor’s and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s cross-sport super fight taking place. It seems as if White has changed his tune, however, as he has stepped back and allowed McGregor to don a pair of boxing gloves.

Both McGregor and Mayweather have been teasing this fight for over a year, but only recently have the negotiations started to kick off. McGregor wanted to prove a point in becoming the first ever two-weight-class champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, raising his stock for the brief transition to the boxing ring.

Both Mayweather and McGregor have been from country to country, leaving their marks around the world before ultimately making it back to their home. McGregor’s trip to Liverpool may have ended in rather controversial fashion, but it’s nothing that Conor can’t handle.

White was recently walking the streets when he was approached by TMZ Sports for an interview where he provided an update on a litany of subjects. White updated the fans on the chances of McGregor/Mayweather taking place as well as your run of the mill post-fight questions. Check it out below: