Holdsworth Breaks Down The Dillashaw Cheap Shot That Lead To Eventual Retirement

UFC bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and former champion T.J. Dillashaw are set to face off in an epic grudge match title fight at UFC 213. With the fight growing nearer, tension between the two rivals has been building.

Recently, Garbrandt claimed that T.J. Dillashaw ended the career of former fighter Chris Holdsworth by striking the fighter with a cheap shot during sparring practice.

Now, on the Inside BJJ podcast, Holdsworth has revealed the nature of the strike that caused him to exit the sport. After striking his head during a Tuesday wrestling practice, Holdsworth attended sparring practice the following day.

During the sparring practice, he claims to have been struck with an illegal blow to the head that ended everything. “Next day was sparring, sparring with some of the best guys in the room. I took an illegal knee to the top of the head, when I was on all fours. That’s the one that (expletive) me up.”

Following the strike, Holdsworth continued practice. After practice, the fighter realized he was concussed and decided to take some time off. After coming back into the sport, the fighter received another concussion.