Luke Rockhold Not Complimentary Of GSP, Doesn’t Think He Really Wants To Fight

With no experience in the division and having been away from the promotion for over three years, “Rush” is returning to the UFC for a title shot against Michael “The Count” Bisping. Now, fighters are beginning to voice their opinions.

St-Pierre’s sudden rise to the top of the middleweight division has stirred up a few of the top middleweight contenders. Among them, former champion Luke Rockhold thinks “Rush” doesn’t want to fight.

In a recent interview with TSN, Rockhold explained that he thinks St-Pierre has no interest in defending his title, if he defeats Michael Bisping. “George isn’t going to fight any of us there. He’s going to go back down, if he does happen to win.” Rockhold said.

Rockhold then hinted to St-Pierre’s desire for the title fight to go down later in the year. Rockhold thinks the fighter isn’t looking to throw down as soon as possible. “Doesn’t seem like he is really hungry to get back in there as soon as he can,” he said, “so I don’t know what the whole situation is. You just hear rumors.”