No Apologies — “No Love” Explains Why He Choked T.J. Dillashaw On TUF Set

The UFC Bantamweight Championship will be up for grabs in the co-main event of “UFC 213” when Cody “No Love” Garbrandt defends the strap against challenger and rival TJ Dillashaw. The two have been wanting to step into the octagon to settle their rivalry for quite some time, and they will be able to do it on the biggest stage possible.

Before they fight inside the octagon, however, both Garbrandt and Dillashaw must undergo weeks of being in the same building as each other as they are opposing coaches on the current season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Things already got physical between “No Love” and Dillashaw when Garbrandt grabbed a hold of Dillashaw by his throat, choking him and catching him off guard. The contestants were quick to separate them and on “TUF Talk”, Cody was able to explain his actions:

“’You’re fake.’ [Dillashaw] said it to my face so I grabbed him by his throat and that’s the only way to handle a snake. Grab them by the throat. … Dana… we never spoke on that. The official warned us, ‘Hey, you know if something were to happen [inaudible]. Just make sure there’s no fighting. If you guys want to wrestle around…’ Stuff like that. I’m like, ‘I don’t wrestle. I come to fight.’”

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