Pro MMA Fighter Lands Pro-Wrestling Drop Kick In Real MMA Fight — Replay!

Professional wrestling and mixed martial arts are two popular forms of entertainment and sport that are usually best kept separate. However, when one form of entertainment leaks into the other it can make for some exciting moments, and that’s exactly what happened at this regional fight.

When it comes to mixed martial arts, you have to be ready to adapt to any given situation at any given moment. Fighters who walk in with a strict strategy and gameplan usually fail to adapt to their opponent’s fighting style, resulting in a boring fight or a loss.

The best have the ability to overcome any situation or try what has never been done before. Conor McGregor approaches every fight in a unique manner. “The Notorious” rarely ever watches tape and simply analyzes every situation he’s in, thinking of the best possible counter instead of blindly throwing it.

For some people, thinking on the spot is easy. Firing off a straight kick to the head of your opponent in a split-second like Anderson Silva did could win you the fight. This guy, on the other hand, decided to throw a pro-wrestling style dropkick on the spot.

Who has the best chance of landing that inside the octagon? Share your thoughts below!