Watch The Full Blown TUF Brawl Between Garbrandt And Dillashaw

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TUF video below

It did not take long for tempers to flare in the season premier of “The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption”. UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and rival TJ Dillashaw will be settling their score inside the octagon at “UFC 213” in the co-main event… if they make it there.

Garbrandt’s and Dillashaw’s rivalry goes back long before Cody strapped the championship around his waist. These two would have eventually settled their feud inside the octagon no matter who the champion was in the bantamweight division; Since Dillashaw’s split from the team, their paths were destined to cross in competition.

Things got physical during the first episode of the season after Gilbert Smith defeated Seth Baczynski by way of unanimous decision in the first fight of the season.

Garbrandt and Dillashaw were standing next to each other backstage when the two teams started to trash-talk one another. It did not take long for Garbrandt and Dillashaw to join in on the fun and shortly thereafter, things got physical! Check it out:

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