Floyd Mayweather’s Getting Sued For $260,000.00

It appears, even more, people are now coming after Floyd “Money” Mayweather for money they are owed.

Just days after it was revealed Mayweather was having issues paying taxes he owes the IRS, another company is suing Mayweather for over $260,000.

The lawsuit comes from the company World Wide Packaging LLC, who had an agreement with Bad Medina LLC for “packaging services for certain Bad Medina branded cosmetics.”

Bad Medina LLC is believed to be a subsidiary of Mayweather Promotions.

Doralie Medina, Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, goes by the nickname Bad Medina and has her own cosmetics line.

The lawsuit claims Bad Medina ordered $883,618.18 in products and services from World Wide Packaging but only paid $623,360.

This lawsuit can only add to UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor’s claim of Mayweather being broke.

On Aug. 26, Mayweather is returning to the sport of boxing, after being retired for almost two years, to fight the UFC champion.