Glory Kickboxer Lands Incredibly Cheap Shot, Gets Beaten Anyways

A professional kickboxer landed an incredibly dirty move at a recent Glory kickboxing show.

Saulo Cavalari fought Pavel Zhuravlev at Glory 43 in New York.

When Cavalari and Zhuravlev touched gloves at the start of their fight, Cavalari immediately threw a front kick to the face.

Even though the kick landed, no damage appeared to be done to Zhuravlev.

Karma was not kind to Cavalari. After their fight, Zhuravlev walked away with a unanimous decision win. He also walked away with the Interim Glory Kickboxing Light Heavyweight Championship.

In the video below, you can see Cavalari land a cheap shot in his title fight from Friday night in New York.

Zhuravlev earned the 72 win of his kickboxing career when he defeated Cavalari. He is currently on a two-fight win streak in Glory.

Cavalari has now lost his last two fights inside the Glory ring.