72-Year-Old Woman Sentenced To Prison Following Death Of MMA Fighter’s Son

A 72-year-old woman was sentenced to prison for killing the 15-month old son of an MMA fighter.

Donna Marie Higgins pleaded guilty on Thursday to vehicular manslaughter. She was sentenced to six years in state prison for driving through a crosswalk while drunk. While driving, she struck the child as he was being pushed in a stroller by his father.

The boy’s father is MMA fight Marcus Kowal, who once fought in the Strikeforce promotion.

Prior to her court date, Higgins was free on bail dating back to the accident that took place back in September.

“To be honest, I hope she doesn’t see daylight again,” Kowal said. “We can’t change her. She is at the end of her life. This may have been a life sentence for her.”

Kowal has not fought since 2013. He has an overall record of 3-1-1. In 2010, he fought for Strikeforce but lost to Hugo Sandoval.