Conor’s Unhinged! ‘I’m racist? … You beat your wife in front of your kids … Dirt Bag’

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is not happy about Floyd “Money” Mayweather claiming he is racist.

In recent interviews, Mayweather says McGregor has crossed the line when it comes to race and claims McGregor has disrespected African Americans.

On Friday, McGregor shared his views on the situation in an interview with ESPN.

“He knows there is no racism from me. His father knows. Ellerbe knows. Ask these people. He says I labeled him a monkey. I never once ever in my life ever labeled him or any African American a monkey, and it (expletive) annoys me that he is even bringing this stuff up,” McGregor said.

“If I was to label him after any animal, it would be the rat or the weasel because that is a rat or a weasel move trying to manipulate someone’s word and trying to create something that’s not even there. That’s such a sensitive subject. I mean he’s a man that beats his wife in front of his kid. He is the dirt of the dirt.”

McGregor will fight Mayweather in a boxing match on Aug. 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.