Jones Continues To Praise D.C. — ‘He Got So Much Better Than When We Last Fought’

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones continues to say nothing but positive things about his longtime rival Daniel Cormier.

At UFC 214, Jones regained his UFC title after knocking out Cormier in the third round of their main event fight.

After the fight, Jones has said nothing but nice things about Cormier during interviews.

On Tuesday, Jones appeared on Sway in the Morning and continued to talk highly about his longtime rival.

“It was super competitive. He’s gotten so much better since the last time we’ve fought,” Jones said.

“It made me feel better about myself because it was a testament to how much better I got to be able to knockout the best version of Daniel Cormier. It was something special.”

Jones also complemented Cormier on how great of shape he was in and said he knew the fight with Cormier would be tough after seeing him weigh-in.

“Leading up to the fight at weigh-ins, he ended up taking his shirt off on the scale and I didn’t expect him to look in such great shape. He typically has a pretty soft body,” Jones said.

“It just goes to show how amazing an athlete he is to look like a fighter and compete the way he does. But when he took off his shirt at weigh-ins, I was like, ‘man, this guy has done something different for this fight.’ His arms were bigger, his chest and shoulders. He was massive. Sure enough, rounds one and two, he did a tremendous job.”