Paulie Says Conor Stiffed Him On Payment — ‘I never got paid for sparring’

There’s been a lot of one-sided trash-talk in combat sports new rivalry between Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor.

We say one-sided, because outside of one comment to Showtime, Conor McGregor has remained silent on the situation.

Paulie however, has been scorching earth and telling anyone and everyone who will listen about Conor McGregor’s poor attitude, cheap business model and unfair treatment of his sparring partners. Mix that in with Paulie’s comments about Conor’s lack of punching power and Paulie’s very one-sided revision of how their sparring went, and you have a full blown rivalry in the works.

It’s been a fun few weeks covering everything coming out of Team McGregor’s Las Vegas headquarters, and now Paulie is saying it was all for nothing.

According to Malignaggi, he was never paid for his part in Conor’s camp. Which seems pretty bad, but with that Non-Disclosure agreement in place, Paulie says without payment that thing is null and void, and he’s free to talk to whoever, about whatever.

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