The Only Man To Hold A Win Over Jon Jones Offers Him A Rematch

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is widely considered to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

Jones has been almost perfect inside the cage for his entire MMA career. However, one fighter managed to get a victory against Jones by disqualification.

In Dec. 2009, Jones got disqualified after hitting Matt Hamill with illegal 12-to-6 elbows. Jones was dominating and was trying to get the referee to stop the fight. On the ground, Jones was landing numerous elbows before he accidentally landed the illegal blow that stopped the fight.

Last Saturday, at UFC 214, Jones knocked out Daniel Cormier and regained his championship. This was Jones’ 14th consecutive wins and the 23rd of his career.

After the fight, Hamill said on Twitter that he would be willing to give Jones a rematch.

“UFC want me to get couple more wins then I’ll be happy to have a rematch against Jones,” Hamill said. “I have another fight in Brazil.”

Hamill has not fought in the UFC since 2013. He is currently coming off a knockout win over UFC veteran Luiz Cane at a regional MMA show in Brazil back in April.