BREAKING! Cris Cyborg Dodges UFC Drug Testers When Someone Calls Cops

Cris Cyborg, UFC featherweight champion.

Cris Cyborg has previously been in hot water after being flagged by the UFC’s USADA drug testing program and according to this report she might have been looking to dodge another bullet with them again just now.

Cyborg has always been always been under the microscope given her massive size and power advantages over every other female in the sport. Of course it doesn’t help her cause that she’s also been previously caught for steroids, so the stigma is definitely still attached.

But USADA had actually cleared Cyborg of any wrong doing for her last infraction.

“Her use of the medication was not initially disclosed; but more importantly, once contacted by USADA, she immediately identified the medication as the source of her positive test, submitted all necessary medical information and demonstrated that it was being used for legitimate medical purposes without enhancing her performance. Those are the primary considerations when reviewing any TUE application.”

“USADA recognizes that over the course of a career, athletes may experience illnesses or medical conditions that require the use of a particular medication for proper treatment,” USADA wrote in regards to granting Cyborg a TUE. “While athletes are educated and encouraged to apply for a TUE in advance of using a prohibited substance or method, the UFC Anti-Doping Policy permits athletes to file for retroactive TUEs where the use of a prohibited substance or method was medically justified.”

Cris Cyborg of course had always maintained her innocence in the situation.

“I am proud to be a member of USADA, and was the first fighter to complete 1 year of testing under USADA programs before competing in UFC competition.

I have been tested 14 times since entering the program, twice in Q4 in 2016 and have never had a flagged sample.

My Dr. is experienced with USADA testing and informed me there were no additional steps needed for approval with the associated treatments given to me following my UFC Brasilia fight.

we are being fully cooperating with USADA at this time and have already started the process of applying for a retroactive therapeutic use exemption.

For my fans who are disappointed in the news, I am sorry.

You can feel confident that the substance they are inquiring about is not for performance enhancing use, and is needed for my specific treatments. (International Medical Codes CID E 87.6, CID 87.8, CID E 44.0, CID N 83.2, CID 115.9, CID Z73.3 CID E 06.3) (Hypokalemia ( low potassium)
Other disorders of electrolyte and fluid balance( probably caused by the low potassium) moderate protein- calorie malnutrition other and unspecified ovarian cysts secondary hypertension unspecified stress, not elsewhere )

Feel confident that I am a clean athlete.”

However, according to this breaking report from Twitter, “someone” called the police to help Cris Cyborg evade UFC drug testers earlier.