Rory: ‘I absolutely think Robbie does performance enhancing drugs, and I think he was on them when we fought’

Rory MacDonald says Robbie Lawler was on PED's when they fought.

Rory “Red King” MacDonald has transitioned into the Bellator MMA promotion. Still, the fighter had a great run in the UFC. Making it to a title shot, MacDonald faced off against Robbie Lawler back in 2015 in a battle for the UFC welterweight title. In the end, MacDonald faced a TKO loss to his opponent in the final round. Now, MacDonald has come forward to double down on his opinions concerning the match up.

“Red King” previously made a point to explain that he believes Robbie Lawler may have been on performance enhancing drugs during their battle. Now, Rory has come forward to elaborate on his opinion.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, MacDonald offered his opinion on Lawler’s condition in their fight. Here is what MacDonald had to say:

“He never slowed down. I would hurt him and his output was high, high, high and he never really lost power and endurance. He just kept the pace and kept the power no matter how hurt or tired he was. He always was recovered very fast. It made me very suspicious.

“Obviously, I think Robbie is a tank of a person. He’s got that fire and that will and the rage and that anger in him that burns and pushes him through those hard moments. He’s an absolute warrior. I’m not disagreeing with that. But I do believe he was taking some sh-t.”

Rory MacDonald finished his thoughts on the matter be adding:

“I’m totally not crying about it. If you’re gonna ask me, do I think Robbie Lawler takes performance-enhancing drugs? Absolutely, I do. And I absolutely think he was on something when we fought.”