Bisping And GSP Get Physical In Toronto Staredown, After Bisping Head-Butts GSP

We are three-weeks and one-day away from the highly anticipated UFC 217 event at Madison Square Garden.

In the night’s main event UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping will take on former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, live on pay-per-view, on November 4.

Bisping has already been trying his hardest to get underneath GSP’s skin with all sorts of comments in the media including with PED use accusations.

“I’ve been tested twice in this training camp, and I guess they’re gonna give up because they never get a sniff of anything with me. Never. And it costs a lot of money to send those agents out here. I’ll probably get another busy talk to throughout the training camp. I want to know how many time are they testing Georges St-Pierre?” Bisping said during an earlier press conference.

“I was training with someone recently who shall remain nameless and he was telling me that he was on something. He’s not part of my regular team but I couldn’t help but notice the massive amount of muscle that this person had and he told me, he was very frank about it. . . I’m very naive when it comes to steroids but he said it’s in and out your system in one day. One day! Holy s**t! I didn’t even know such things existed, I really didn’t. That’s how naive I’m am and that’s what all those motherf**kers are taking, I’m telling you.

“So USADA, if you’re listening, get your ass up to Canada and test Georges. Hide out in his apartment block and get the motherf**ker on the way to the gym.”

Friday, as part of the pre-fight media tour, both fighters along with UFC president Dana White held a press-conference in Toronto.

It was as expected, Bisping throwing insult after insult while GSP smiled happily… Until the staredown.

We have the replay above.