First Ever Childhood Photo Of Cris Cyborg Emerges, And She Was A Cute Little Girl

UFC featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg is one of MMA’s most dominant champions currently active in the sport.

The Brazilian knockout artist is often on the wrong end of many jokes, due to her over masculine appearance, and her couple of failed drug tests. But martial artists and fight fans in the know, know that she deserves respect for her accomplishments.

We have actually never even seen what Cis Cyborg looked like as a little girl, but just a few moments ago Cris released an old school pic of herself, and she was cute.

Check it out:

Hoje é dia das Crianças! ?? Também já fui criança! ?? #criscyborg #cyborgnation #Children'sDayBrazil

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Cris Cyborg is expected to face Holly Holm at UFC 219, though negotiations are reportedly far from over.