This Week In Combat Sport’s Fight Ending Knockouts — You’re Welcome

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was absent this past weekend, as there was no new fight night to view. Still, there were plenty of exciting mixed martial arts events and other combat sports wonders to behold over the weekend.

Jungle Fight, Absolute Championship Berkut and Fight Nights Global each held their own events over the past week, each offering a wealth of exciting fights. Beyond that, Glory Kickboxing and Lion Fights Muay Thai each provided something new for fight fans to enjoy.

During the week, fight fans were privileged with a series of exciting performances from the combat sport promotions. Now some of the week’s most stunning knockout finishes and crazy brawls from these promotion’s can be seen in the videos below.

To see the most exciting performances and great knockout finishes within the worlds of mixed martial arts, kickboxing and Muay Thai, check out the clips below:

In the world of MMA:

In the world of kickboxing:

In the world of Muay Thai: