Cameras Just Caught Real-Life Fight Fixing In-Action, Kickboxing World Erupts In Controversy

Kickboxing promotion Enfusion has been getting some heat as of late for an incident at the recent Enfusion 56 event that went down in Groningen, The Netherlands on Nov. 18. Ulrik Bokeme and Ibrahim El Boustati met inside the ring once again for a highly anticipated rematch. However, it would prove to be controversial night for the kickboxing promotion.

Bokeme dropped his opponent early in the fight. Boustati made it to his feet in 18 seconds, but the referee then granted the fighter a solid 44 seconds before returning to the action.

Bokeme hit his opponent with a left hook. With 18 seconds still left on the clock, the buzzer signifying the end of the round sounded and Boustati suddenly dropped to the canvas, seemingly stunned by his opponent’s strike. Boustati could be seen appearing to be still conscious while on the canvas, as the fighter made direct contact with the camera.

In a bizarre turn of events, Boustati was awarded a win over Bokeme due to being struck by a punch that was allegedly after the bell, even though the bell was sounded after the fact and was done so with nearly 20 seconds left in the round.

Check out the bizarre moment in the video above.