Fighters Mom Blasts Her Own Son After He Loses MMA Fight Via Knockout

Well, it would appear that this mixed martial artist had more than one opponent come fight night.

Stepping into the cage can be a nerve racking experience for a fighter. After pouring their blood, sweat and tears into months of training, competitors are expected to perform at their absolute peak for a possible 15 minutes inside the cage. Then, the fighters are expected to return to training for another massive sum of time without a complaint. Saying it can be stressful may be putting it lightly. For this fighter, family was perhaps an added level of stress to the experience.

In the video above, a fighter can be seen throwing down with his opponent. However, things quickly went bad for the man as he ate a devastating head kick that sent him reeling into the mat. The fighter suffered a swift loss by knockout.

The fighter’s mother quickly stormed into the cage and began scolding her son, while the man was still dazed on the canvas. The fighter can then be seen leaving the arena after the match, with his mother still yelling at him for his loss.