Watch “Super” Sage Blast Through This 600 Pound Tire Like It’s Nothing

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has some seriously talented athletes on its roster. As a result, the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion’s competitors often have some seriously intense training regiments. Now it would appear that UFC lightweight Sage Northcutt has come forward with a video of his latest training exercise for his fight fans.

Sage Northcutt is riding a dominant unanimous decision victory over Michel Quinones from UFC Fight Night 120 at the moment. The fighter moved back to the lightweight division for the match up, keeping Northcutt undefeated within the weight class. The 21-year-old mixed martial artist now holds a professional record of 9-2.

Taking to Instagram, Northcutt recently offered a video of himself flipping a 600 pound tractor tire. The lightweight competitor can be seen moving the heavy load with ease in the Instagram post below:

Playing with this 600lb tire

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