An Inside Look At The Most Gangster Corner In MMA, Complete With Audio Like You’ve Never Seen

Nate Diaz

With his unapologetic and blunt style, Nate Diaz has earned a hoard of fight fans throughout his mixed martial arts career for telling it how it is and for not pulling punches inside or outside of the cage. Now corner camera footage from two of the fighter’s biggest match ups has made its way to the internet for all fight fans to see.

Nate Diaz shocked the world when he choked out UFC superstar Conor McGregor back in 2016. The two mixed martial arts warriors threw down at UFC 196 for a roaring crowd of energetic fight fans. Diaz made short work of his opponent, earning a submission victory in the second round. After forming one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s most entertaining rivalries, Diaz and “Notorious” met inside the octagon for a highly anticipated rematch at UFC 202. There, the two fighters put on a war.

The fight ultimately went the distance, with McGregor earning a majority decision victory over his opponent. Now 1-1 in their rivalry, many fight fans are still waiting for the hopeful news of a trilogy rematch to settle the score.

In the video below, McGregor and Diaz’s corners can be heard during their UFC 202 rematch. The video illuminates why Diaz may have one of the most gangster corners in the world’s most famous mixed marital arts promotion.

Check it out below:

UFC 202 highlights

Corner audio from the fighters’ first match up at UFC 196 can also be heard in the video below:

UFC 196 highlights

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