Matheus Nicolau Takes Out Hawaii’s Louis Smolka In Tonight’s Televised Opener | UFC Results

UFC Results

The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is in Las Vegas, Nev. tonight, Dec. 30, for UFC 219. The highly entertaining night of fights is going down inside the T-Mobile Arena with a fight card of intense match ups. For the second fight of the night, Louis Smolka and Matheus Nicolau are throwing down for the Las Vegas crowd. The UFC results from the exciting match up can be seen down below.

The first round opened up at a brisk pace, as Smolka began to press on Nicolau with some tough shots. But, Nicolau was able to retaliate with some strong counters that sent his opponent to the canvas.

With half of the round having come to a close, Smolka was able to get to his feet and land a devastating strike of his own. The fighters then entered a brutal war, bringing the Las Vegas crowd to its feet.

Smolka kept up the swift pace of the fight in the second round. The fighter managed to clip Nicolau with a head kick, but Nicolau continued to walk down his opponent.

The fight began to slow, as each fighter appeared somewhat gassed from their intense brawl in the opening round. Still, neither fighter was looking to back down from the trade on the feet. Smolka received a cut on his face that began to pool up and bleed, but the fighter’s vision did not appear impaired from the injury.

With only a minute left in the round, Smolka and Nicolau continued to test each other with jabs and leading left hands. In the final moments, the two fighters entered one final intense exchange until the bell.

Both fighters picked up where they left off in the final round of the match up, with Smolka walking down his countering opponent. Early in the round, Nicolau managed to get Smolka to the canvas with a trip. However, Smolka quickly made his way back to his feet.

Nicolau later caught his opponent in a clinch, slamming Smolka to the mat once again. Still, Smolka was able to escape the position before taking any significant damage.

In the final minute of the fight, Smolka slammed the fighter into the canvas yet again. This time, Nicolau managed to get off a little ground and pound before getting his opponent’s back. From there, the fighter made a rear-naked choke attempt. However, the fighter was unable to get a finish before the sound of the bell.

UFC Results: Matheus Nicolau def. Louis Smolka via unanimous decision

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