Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov Put on a War in Las Vegas | UFC Results

UFC Results

Fight fans are making their way to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday night, Dec. 30, for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s latest big mixed martial arts event. This time around, the MMA promotion is hosting UFC 219 with a stunning fight card full of exciting match ups. Continuing the night of fights, Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov are putting on a war for the Las Vegas crowd. Here is a look at UFC results from the night’s event.

The opening round kicked off with a brutal exchange, as Akhmedov landed a strong right hand on his opponent. Still, Vettori started dictating the fight’s pace as the competitor began to walk down Akhmedov.

Akhmedov managed to get Vettori on his back foot with a tough punch combination that pressed Vettori against the fence. The fight continued to press at a frantic pace, as both fighters were taking chances with powerful bombs and complex combinations.

Akhmedov kicked off the second round with a big right hand, but Vettori countered with a punch of his own. Neither fighter appeared gassed from their intense first round, as both competitors continued to throw down some serious bombs.

Halfway through the second round, Akhmedov and Vettori appeared to finally be slowing down. Vetorri managed to sink in a clinch and press his opponent into the fence as fatigue seemingly began to set. Akhmedov was able to escape the position quickly and the two fighters went back to exchanging in the center of the octagon.

Vetorri was able to slam the fighter back into the fence from the clinch, but once again failed to get any significant damage off before Akhmedov made his way back to the center of the octagon.

Akhmedov and Ventorri opened the final round at a much slower pace, as both fighters appeared gassed from the intense match up. Ventorri then teed off on his opponent with a massive punch combination, but Akhmedov did not appear terribly damaged from the exchange.

The fight faced a momentary halt, as one of the fighter’s lost their mouthpiece in the exchange. After picking up the mouth gear, the two MMA warriors went back at it.

Vetorri then managed to stun Akhmedov with a strong right hand, but Akhmedov continued to press forward with tough strikes of his own. In the final minute of the round, Vetorri found his way on the canvas in half guard over his opponent. From there, the fighter began to rain down a myriad of ground and pound until the sound of the final bell.

UFC Results: Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov fight to a majority draw (28-28, 29-28, 28-28)

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