Breaking: Angela Magana Has Been Officially Released From Her UFC Contract

Controversial UFC bantamweight Angela Magana has officially been released from her UFC contract, following her fifth straight defeat.

Magana was released today, after losing last weekend’s bout to new(ish) UFC strawweight Amanda Cooper at UFC 218.

Magana took to Twitter to announce the news of her release on her own terms, stating, “I immediately asked for a rematch with #ufc and they have released me after dropping 3 losses in a row. I’m thankful for the opportunities afforded to me through my journey with @ufc and am currently headed to the gym to train for my next win. #yourmajesty”

Magana is one of the rare few to enter the UFC on a losing streak. She first made her appearance on the Ultimate Fighter reality series as part of a brand new all-female strawweight division. Her performance on the show was enough to get her into the promotion. However, she never lived up to her promises of dominance and went winless in her time under the UFC banner.

She is most well known for her brash persona out of the cage, that include risque butt pics and a very public feud with Cris Cyborg that got her punched in the face at the 2017 UFC fighter retreat.

Earlier today the fighter jumped on Twitter, where Magana gave no credit after being dominated by Amanda Cooper at UFC 218.

“It’s curious that I could get hit from Baby Pooper so many times and be up training Monday with no side effects but one punch from that dude Cyborg and…” said Angela Magana.

“I lost the fight but not the war. She had nothing on her feet for me, no submission skills, couldn’t knock me out, she over powered me(that’s an easy fix) and the ref was sexist #equalrightsinfights#letmegooutmyshield #womensrights

Angela has also publicly disputed the stoppage in the fight and called for fair treatment for women in the sport, stating a man would have been allowed to keep fighting.

Here’s her original Tweets:

It appears that when you mix controversial remarks, mixed with a losing UFC record, that’s all it takes to lose you slot on the UFC roster.

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