Replay! The UFC’s Bloodiest Fight Of 2017 (Highlights)

Fight fans were treated to an all-out octagon war at UFC Fight Night 106 back in March, as Joe Soto went toe-to-toe with fellow bantamwight Rani Yahya for division dominance. The two mixed marital arts warriors entered a highly intense battle that has gone down as the bloodiest fight inside the octagon for the year of 2017.

Check out a look back at the results from the epic match up down below:

Bantamweights Rani Yahya and Joe Soto kept the ball rolling for “UFC Fight Night 106” on FS1 with a fast-paced bout that completely skipped a feeling out process.

Yahya pushed the pace and aggressively went in with his combinations and it paid off; Soto was caught off guard and was forced to adapt quickly. Yahya’s headkick was cut off with a hook from Soto and was dropped, but Soto failed to jump in for the finish. Yahya popped right back to his feet suggesting he was simply caught off balance, and proved he was all there when he drilled Soto with a knee to the skull moments after.

The pace of the fight slowed down but when Yahya secured a takedown, Soto locked on a guillotine choke which he was forced to abandon. Less than a minute into the round, Soto suffered a major gash on his forehead after an accidental clash of heads. Soto may have suffered a cut from the clash, but Yahya was dropped and wobbled by it.

The doctor allowed the fight to resume and it wasn’t long before Soto took Yahya’s back. Yahya scrambled his way to his feet as the blood continued to pour out of Soto’s head like a leaky faucet.

Yahya’s fatigue started settling in in the final minute of the second round, shooting for takedowns that were clearly not there. Soto found himself in full mount but was unable to finish the fight, as they were both bordering exhaustion.

Soto took Yahya down to the mat right off the bat where the action reached a lull due to their fatigue. Soto tried to lock in submission hold throughout the round, but his lack of ability to wrench on the hold and the blood allowing Yahya to slip out just made for a restless crowd.

Yahya made his way back to his feet with less than a minute remaining, but momentum would stay with Soto as the fight ended with little excitement in the closing minute.

UFC Results: Joe Soto def. Rani Yahya by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Check out a brief look back at the fight’s bloody aftermath in the social media post provided.

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