Young Boy With Legit BJJ Skills Chokes Out His Mom Who Tries To Spank Him, Goes Insanely Viral

It would appear that one mother may have not known what she had gotten herself into when she attempted to discipline her jiu jitsu trained child.

As seen in the video above, a Chinese family can be seen having a bit of a squabble. The mother attempted to spank her young son, but suffered something unexpected. The boy kicked his Brazilian jiu jitsu training into high gear and took his mother to the ground. From there, the boy put his own mother into a triangle choke and began to squeeze.

The boy then started smacking the woman on the head, as she was seemingly unable to get out of the situation. The woman filming the unfortunate incident decided to step in, but was quickly the target of the boy’s heated retaliation. After being swatted at by the child, the woman backed off.

The boy then tried to put his mother in a rear-naked choke from the standing position, after getting off the ground to swat at the approaching woman. Finally, the child smacked his mother in the face a few times before kicking the once again approaching woman in the leg.

Check it all out in the video above.

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