Baller! Jon Jones Reveals How Much He Made On His Biggest UFC Payday

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has decided to reveal the grand total from his largest payday under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It would appear that the former title holder has made multiple millions in a single night.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones.

Jon Jones took over the world of mixed martial arts when he entered the fighting scene. The former champion has only faced a single loss in his career, which came by way of disqualification over brutalizing Matt Hamill with illegal elbows.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones

Still, throughout his MMA career, Jones has been considered the greatest fighter of all time by many fight fans. While things have not been going the former champion’s way as of later, Jones recently revealed that his former huge payday from the UFC is still nothing to scoff at.

Speaking with Power 106 Los Angeles, Jones said “I got close to $7 mil for a fight. It’s not quite boxing money, but I’m grateful for it.”

Jon Jones has since failed another drug test, forcing the fighter to be stripped of his title once more. Jones knockout victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 has also been overturned into a no contest.

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