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Performance enhancing drugs are found on almost every level of sports. Some of the most highly skilled mixed martial artists in the world have failed drug test for banned substances, such as Chael Sonnen. While substances banned for professional fighters are beneficial inside the cage, some are prescribed rehabilitative process to ail those outside of the cage. For instance testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be beneficial to those suffering from low testosterone, erectile dysfunction or Andropause.

Chael Sonnen

Former UFC competitor and current Bellator heavyweight Chael Sonnen has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. The veteran competitor has faced off against a series of legendary fighters during his career including the likes of Anderson Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

With that in mind, Sonnen has experienced some controversy during his time as a fighter. Back in 2010, Sonnen was flagged by the California Athletic Commission (CSAC) for a drug test following his match up against Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title.

A urinalysis revealed that Sonnen had high levels of testosterone in his system. Sonnen would go on to reveal that he was suffering from hypogonadism, leading to the usage to Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Sonnen’s physician, Dr. Mark Czarnecki attested to the fighter’s claims.

With Sonnen having attempted to appeal his flagged drug test due to the medical use of TRT, the fighter’s predicament begs the question. What other purposes does TRT serve?

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a common ailment for aging men. The male sex hormone is naturally produced in the body, but becomes less and less plentiful as the male becomes older.

The side effects of low testosterone can be damaging. From shrinking muscle mass to gaining fat to thinning skin, low testosterone can be a burden on older men. If approved by a physician, TRT is a potential rehabilitative practice to alleviate the symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a male is unable to maintain an erection long enough for intercourse. The condition can be both frustrating and embarrassing for those suffering. One common cause of the condition is having low testosterone, leaving testosterone replacement therapy as a potential benefit for those willing to see their doctors.


Andropause, also known as “male menopause,” occurs in aging men. “As men age, their testes, which are in charge of testosterone production, start producing less and less of the testosterone hormone.” said Atlanta Men’s Clinic. “Testosterone is secreted less frequently by the Leydic cells. These cells, which are located in the testes, are in charge of producing most of the testosterone.

However, the solution may be testosterone replacement therapy.

While Chael Sonnen may have simply taken banned substances for the sake of his fighting prowess. Though he may also have been looking to ail the common burdens of low testosterone.

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