Dana White Banned From Vegas Casino For Winning Too Much

After winning too much for the resort to handle, Dana White has been banned from a casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

UFC President Dana White has been leading the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for quite some time. When the UFC president is not making decisions concerning the promotion, White can sometimes be seen gambling in the casinos of Las Vegas, Nev. Of course, White is no longer welcome in some of the city’s popular resorts.

UFC President Dana White.

Speaking on his podcast Joe Rogan Experience, as seen in the video above, longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan revealed White’s gambling habits.

UFC boss Dana White looking very unhappy.

“Dana White is a notorious gambler, but he wins millions of dollars sometimes.” Rogan said. “I think he said he lost as much as $1 million and he’s won as much as $7 million in a night.”

“They banned him from a bunch of casinos, because he is really good at blackjack.” Rogan continued.

UFC President Dana White is pretty buff.

In the video above, Dana White can also be seen on the phone with representatives from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. During the conversation, it is revealed that White is no longer welcome in the casino of the resort after the UFC president had a night of success at the tables.

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