Oops! Mike Tyson Hits Jon Jones A Little Too Hard During Play Fight

Jon Jones and Mike Tyson spotted each other on the streets, leading to an unprompted play fight between the two. But, things took a turn when Tyson hit Jones just a little too hard.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones quickly rose to super stardom in his mixed martial arts career. The former title holder has only lost once as a professional MMA fighter, which was a disqualification due to an illegal elbow dealt to Matt Hamill back in 2009. While “Bones” Jones may be a superstar within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and to mixed martial arts fans worldwide, the former champion bumped into a popular culture icon on the street as of late.

Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

As seen in the video provided, Jon Jones and boxing legend Mike Tyson can be seen having a go at each other. After spotting one another on the street, the two men began jokingly prodding each other with jabs and half-speed blows. Then, Tyson struck Jones with a punch that made an impact.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones

Check out Jones’ reaction to the strike in the video above.

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