On The Verge Of A Return, Here’s CM Punk’s UFC Fighter Salary Numbers

Phil Brooks, better known by his WWE moniker “CM Punk,” recently decided to walk away from his career as a WWE superstar in hopes of finding a path as a professional mixed martial artist. With the professional wrestler turned fighter seeming close to an octagon return, here is a look at the fighter’s salary from his debut in the sport.

Former WWE champion CM Punk.

Brooks is not the first WWE superstar to make an appearance inside the octagon. Brock Lesnar has perhaps garnered the most success for his transition into the sport, having earned a championship title as a UFC heavyweight.

CM Punk next fight might just be at the top of the card as the UFC is looking to book the former WWE champion as co-main event.

That being said, things did not go so well for “CM Punk.” Phil Brooks made his octagon debut at UFC 203 back in 2016. The fighter faced off against Mickey Gall.

Gall made short work of his opponent, earning a submission victory bay way of rear-naked choke within the first round. Since then, Brooks has receded back into training.

While Brooks suffered a devastating loss in his octagon debut, the former WWE superstar still walked away with a massive payday.

But what does CM Punk make for fighting in the UFC, and is it even worth his time?

Well, it has since been revealed that CM Punk’s contract is set at a half-million-dollar guarantee every time he fights, win or lose.

That’s a staggering guarantee for a man with only one pro fight to his credit, a first round loss at that.

UFC President Dana White has since come forward to reveal that he is willing to give Phil Brooks another shot inside the octagon. With the fighter having been hard in training since his loss to Mickey Gall, the return of “CM Punk” is seeming to be getting closer and closer.

Whenever the former WWE superstar does make his return, it seems likely that the fighter will walk away with a nice monetary sum no matter the match’s outcome.

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