Video: Jon Jones vs. His Bigger NFL Star Brother, And It’s Not Even Close

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. For many fight fans, the former title holder is still a contender in the conversation for greatest fighter of all time.

Former UFC champion Jon Jones

With that in mind, “Bones” is not the only talented athlete in his family. Both of the fighter’s brothers are football players in the NFL. Arthur Jones, the fighter’s older brother, is a defensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts. Chandler Jones, the fighter’s younger brother, is an outside linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones.

As a result, whenever the three men visit home, the rough housing can get pretty intense. In the video provided, Jon Jones can be seen struggling to keep his older brother at bay, as he tries to escape being tossed into the swimming pool.

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones

The hilarious encounter can be seen in the video above.

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