The Wesley Snipes vs. Joe Rogan Fight, Here’s What Really Happened

During Joe Rogan’s lengthy tenure with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), rumors once blossomed that the longtime cage side commentator would be facing off against action film star Wesley Snipes. While the fight would never come to pass, Rogan has now come forward to offer some details on the fight that almost was.

As heard in the video above, Joe Rogan explained that the fight was more than just a rumor.

“It was actually supposed to happen.” Rogan said. “That was not just a rumor. At the time, I was like ‘what are the odds he is going to keep me off of him?’ I just didn’t think that anybody that didn’t know any jiu-jitsu could learn it quick. I was already a brown belt by then. I just knew what happens when a brown belt fights a white belt.

“I know how to stand up.” Rogan continued. “Even if I wasn’t good at striking anymore, as I was when I was a kid, I’m good enough to know what to not do and where to not be. If I get a hold of someone that doesn’t know jiu-jitsu, I’m pretty sure I’m chocking the f*ck out of them.”

Rogan then revealed that the entire ordeal originated in Snipes’ infamous troubles with the IRS.

UFC's Joe Rogan.

“It turns out really what it was is that he was desperate and in a real bad situation with the IRS.” Rogan said. “So they were trying to figure out some way to generate money.”

The commentating veteran then explained that fellow movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme was the initial target for Snipe’s match. However, the action star was persuaded that Joe Rogan would be a larger draw for UFC fans.

Rogan then revealed that Snipes ultimately backed out of the match up after the UFC commentator had been training for months.

Check out Rogan’s full story on the matter in the video above.

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