‘We’re Coming For D.C.’s Heavyweight Title In 2018’

There is no bigger rivalry in the sport today than Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier.

These two are both the elite of the elite in the UFC, and they pretty much hate each other.

Prior to their first fight, the tension was so high, that they got in a full blown street fight, taking out an entire stage in Las Vegas just to get a few good punches in.

Cormier was able to take Jon Jones down in the pre-fight melee, and it took droves of security to pry the two apart.

It’s all been downhill ever since.

Jon Jones handed D.C. his first career loss in their first meeting, and this only fueled the rivalry further.

D.C. took the loss to heart, and Jones was not humble in victory.

A couple years later and the two would have a second meeting, this time it was D.C. who was champion.

In the rematch, Jon Jones would hand D.C. his second career defeat, breaking D.C.’s heart once more, as onlookers saw the former champion literally crying inside the cage.

Jon Jones would wind up failing a pre-fight drug test, and the second fight’s outcome was cleared from the slate and ruled a no-contest.

Jon Jones would end up getting suspended, and D.C. was handed his belt back.

Now, in 2018, Cormier is temporarily moving on from the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, for a super-fight against Stipe Miocic, where he will try to become only the second UFC champion in history to simultaneously hold two world titles.

Cormier is no stranger to the heavyweight division, having started his career there at 13-0, only moving down in weight to make room for his #1 training partner Cain Velasquez.

D.C.’s move to heavyweight will not end Jon Jones’ pursuit of his rival though.

Despite Jones spending his entire career in the light-heavyweight division, according to his coach, should D.C. win the heavyweight belt, they want to follow their biggest rival up in weight and take that belt away from him too.

Jon Jones striking coach, Brandon Gibson hit twitter with his prediction for the future of this rivalry.

Check it out:

Let’s give this another try – I predict we see Jones vs DC 3 for the HW title Dec 29, 18.