Conor McGregor Reflects On His Five Year Anniversary With The UFC

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just five years since Conor McGregor signed with the UFC.

The Irish mega-star, in that time, represents the biggest rags to riches story in the sport’s history.

Prior to his UFC debut the UFC lightweight champion couldn’t afford a $250.00 walkout song. He was living in his mom’s attic, and he was on government assistance.

Fast forward these five years and he’s the biggest star the sport has ever seen, and he just made $100 million off one fight.

Here’s Conor’s thoughts on his five year anniversary with the UFC:

5 years ago today, I signed a contract with the UFC.
When the call came, I would have been having full on straightener’s in some warehouse with a cage in it.
Today 5 years on, and 100s of millions later, I am still at it.