Controversy! UFC 221 Fighter Uses Double Eye Gouge To Escape Choke… Gets Away With It

The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion moved over to Perth, Western Australia over the weekend for the latest highly anticipated fight card. This time around, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) put on UFC 221 for fight fans world wide.

The exciting night of fights featured a series of entertaining match ups. Among them, Jake Matthews and Li Jingliang entered a welterweight war for the Perth crowd.

Matthews ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. That being said, Li Jingliang has since dredged up some controversy for the match up.

During the octagon battle, Jake Matthews managed to sink in a guillotine choke over Li Jingliang. However, Jingliang was able to escape the submission.

While it was not caught by the referee, the cage side commentating team managed to point out that Jingliang escaped the submission by placing his fingers in the eye of his opponent. Matthews would go on to acknowledge the moment in his post-fight interview, claiming it was the heat of the moment and that he holds no grudge against his opponent.

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