Cormier More Than Happy To Welcome Jon Jones To Heavyweight Division, In Fact It’s What He Wants

Earlier this week the Jon Jones’team cast a prediction that Jon will return in 2018 and challenge his longtime rival Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight world title.

The story went viral, as this duo represents the biggest rivalry in Mixed Martial Arts today.

Still though, for Daniel Cormier, one has to wonder if he wants to risk losing a third time to Jon Jones, because Jones represents the only man to ever beat Cormier in his storied Mixed Martial Arts career.

D.C. went 13-0 as a heavyweight fighter, and he’s likely best suited for the bigger division. However, his friendship with Cain Velasquez prompted his move down in weight, where he has beaten everyone in his path not named Jon Jones.

Now, taking to a media scrum to promote his upcoming title fight against Stipe Miocic, D.C. was asked about a potential fight with Jon Jones in the UFC’s heavyweight division, and Cormier didn’t hesitate to reveal that that is his ideal situation.

“I mean, I don’t think you’ve ever seen a party like I would party,” stated Cormier. “All I want to do is fight, all I want to do is fight him (Jon Jones).”

D.C. continued, “If you guys think even for a second that Dana goes, ‘O.K. you’re going to fight Jones’, that I wouldn’t be ecstatic, that’s crazy.”

Of course none of this matters at present. First Cormier must defeat the proven baddest man on the planet in Stipe Miocic, before a Jones part III at heavyweight is even on the table.

Daniel Cormier’s full comments on the subject are below: (Timestamped for your convenience)

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