Floyd Posts New Pic Rocking MMA Gloves In A Fighting Stance, Drops More Hints That He’s UFC Bound

It’s been an interesting week for the followers of Floyd Mayweather.

After posting two videos hinting that he’s ready for a run inside the UFC, Floyd has now dropped another hint, with a new photo of himself rocking MMA gloves while posed in a fighting stance.

Check it out:

Billion Dollar Man

Just like the rest of his pre-fight money negotiations, you have to read between the lines on this one to really catch the true nature of this hint.

Of course, the more traction and hype Floyd can generate on his MMA debut, the more money he can likely squeeze out of the UFC for a debut in the Octagon.

And while many point to the fact that he’s retired, and likely cannot compete in the UFC, insiders reveal that he’s been silently working on his MMA skills for several years now.

Even Chael Sonnen believes what his insiders are telling him, and that is that Floyd is planning to rematch Conor McGregor in the UFC.

In this latest tweet though, the caption says a lot. Floyd is not a Billion Dollar man … yet.

However, the UFC has reportedly offered Floyd Mayweather a billion dollar contract. If this is the case, then he will be a billion dollar man should he make his UFC debut under these reported terms.

Interesting times….