Forrest Griffin Throws Helwani Under The Bus, A Man He Once Trusted, But Will Never Speak To Again

Forrest Griffin is a mixed martial arts legend. A UFC Hall of Famer, the former fighter has gone toe-to-toe with the world’s most talented and toughest competitors throughout his storied career.

With that in mind, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has now come forward with some critical words concerning MMA journalist Ariel Helwani. Speaking on the podcast Anything Goes with TJ and Forrest, Griffin offered his opinion on the reporter.

“I’m kind of buddy buddy with the guy.” Griffin said. “I was his first ever MMA interview in New York city. We talked and we were social. He kind of used that to get me to say things I would later regret saying.

“I could see watching back that he was clearly befriending me to a purpose. I don’t mind the guy. He’s doing his job. I get it now. The thing is that he was never really my friend. I get that now.”

For Forrest Griffin’s full thoughts on the matter, check out the video below:

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