Breaking: Conor McGregor Is Getting Sued For Hitting A Fan

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is now facing a lawsuit following a former incident at a UFC press conference.

Back in 2016, “Notorious” and Nate Diaz were gearing up for their highly anticipated rematch. Diaz choked out the Irish native on short notice at UFC 196, creating one of the promotion’s most intense rivalries.

The two were then set to face off against at UFC 202. During a press conference for UFC 202, Diaz and McGregor entered a highly heated altercation.

Diaz threw water bottles at McGregor. “Notorious” retaliated by chucking cans of Monster Energy into the crowd towards his opponent.

However, one of the cans did not strike Diaz. It struck a young fight fan that was not involved in the altercation.

The young girl suffered a blow to the head from McGregor’s thrown can, leading to the girl being brought to the hospital. Now UFC President Dana White has come forward to reveal that Conor McGregor is being sued for the incident.

Speaking in a recent interview, Dana White was asked about the incident between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz at the press conference. White responded by claiming that McGregor is now facing a lawsuit over the incident.

“Conor is getting sued for that.” White said. “Yeah, he’s getting sued.”

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