Chuck Liddell Reveals How He Got The Name “Iceman”, And It’s Not What You Think

UFC Fall of Famer Chuck Liddell has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. While the MMA phenom has since hung up his gloves, “The Iceman” still likes to keep his dedicated following of fight fans informed on his latest adventures.

This time around, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has decided to reveal the story behind his popular UFC moniker. Surprisingly, the title was not imposed upon Liddell because of his stunning finishing record.

As seen in the video above, Chuck Liddell goes into great detail into the history of his nickname “The Iceman.” Liddell started by revealing, “John Hackleman gave me that name after my third or fourth kickboxing fight.”

Liddell then divulged that the name was given to him because he never stressed right before a fight. Never anxious, the fighter was sometimes found taking a nap just before his match ups.

Check it out Liddell’s full telling of the tale in the video above.

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