Conor’s Coach Opens Up About Their Stipulations For A Return Opponent

Former two division UFC champion Conor McGregor is still expected to make his return to the UFC’s Octagon sometime this year.

Though, after giving up both his championship belts, the UFC’s biggest star’s next opponent remains up in the air.

There’s the Max Holloway rematch, the Khabib fight, Ferguson even potentially, and of course the trilogy with Nate Diaz.

In a new interview Conor’s coach laid out that all they care about going forward is whoever is the biggest draw… *Ahem* Nate Diaz *Cough-Cough*

Here’s what he said: (via

“There’s no indication of who it will be. But it doesn’t really matter, to be honest.”

“I’ve said this before: The draw is Conor, The opponent is just somebody. Just to have him back in the cage, I think that’s more important than anything else. He’s training, he’s looking good.”

“It’s whatever fight makes sense. The biggest draw will get the chance to fight Conor.”

“We can’t really talk about when he wants to return. But he’s adamant he’s getting back.

“But for me, the sooner (he’s back) the better. The UFC is really missing Conor, I believe.

“And I think everybody is missing the whole extravaganza of a Conor McGregor fight. There’s nothing like it in the world.

“And I think the people in the world want to see it again. The sooner the better.”